-I recently purchased the entire collection and needless to say I am very pleased and extremely satisfied with the quality, detail, and variety of these files. I have purchased quite a few from other vendors and must say that yours exceed expectations.

K Silva.

– I just saw your stuff on plasmaspider and couldn’t believe my eyes! The detail is awesome. I’ve made so much money on your images and these will really add to the collection. Amazing artwork, my hat off to you and my thanks!
Josh F.

– Jason, Glad to see you back. I purchased your complete collection years ago, and use it all the time. I like your design style.
Gregg M.

– Saw your work on plasmaspider – Looks Great!
Doug P.

-Great Work
Chris R.

-I just stumbled across your site. Oh my goodness your new designs are absolutely beautiful.
Susan G.

-Thank you so much for the download. I love your files.
Sue B.

-I’m letting you know your designs are a big help when dealing with my hard to please customer base. I have other dxf file collections however your designs always come out to be the winning designs to use for the projects they order. I truly enjoy working with your original designed artwork.
Lloyd B.

-You have some very beautiful files I just ordered some of your free downloads going to try them out as long as they cut well I will absolutely be ordering some packages if not the full package for sure.

-Cncdxffiles – Nice clean files! Thanks for sharing.