-Cj Bartley

Best $$ I ever spent, made it back in 3 days!

And, his files are so awesome I can easily modify them to customize and/or combine to create a totally different design!


-Leigh-Ann Davidson

We have also made our money back on Jason Henry s art many times over. We cut it in its original format as well as using it in many adaptation…..


-Wim Wetzel

Not only is his product outstanding, he stands behind his word and his work. A missing commodity in many businesses today. You get a great package for a reasonable price. Keep up the great work Jason Henry.


-Dan Willoughby

Took us 24 hours to make our money back as well and we haven’t even fired up the plasma yet all of ours have been cut on our co2 laser


-Bob Kovacs

If you’ve been hesitating buying Jason Henry’s $250 deal, stop doing it. I went back and forth on it, thinking “I don’t cut wildlife stuff” (which there’s a lot of in the package), but eventually I sprung for it anyway. We cut a few samples for our farmers market booth, just to see if anyone bit, and while we’ve only sold one, having one displayed led a potential customer to a great idea for a sign (which is pretty much out specialty. She asked if we could incorporate part of the hunting dog silhouette into a sign for her parents’ cabin, and we did. I think it came out great, and that one sign almost paid for the whole file package. You’ll find ways to use the material in that package- trust me.