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Jason “Jay” Henry has been a full time designer for CNC cutting systems for over 10 years and is looking forward to providing you with the best cut ready CNC artwork available. If you have any questions about the files or design work please contact him directly so that he can help you create the products you and your customers are envisioning.

Jason is a wonderful resource of experience and knowledge when it comes to understanding CNC design and cutting experience. You will be very happy with his customer support long after your purchase has already paid for itself many times over.


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      Thanks for letting me know you really like the design work. If you have any questions about the files or design work please let me know. I try to do more than just sell my design work. I have years of experience with a multitude of cutting systems and processes as well as CAM and CAD software. Let me know if I can help answer any questions you might have.

      Jason Henry

  1. George

    Just downloaded a few of your files! Will be cutting some out in the near future. Will let you know, Thanks GT

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  2. Robert

    Hi Jay, I am taking advantage of your collection offer and discount for the previous purchase. I noticed I had my Zip wrong so I made the correction at check out but could not find my account info stored on your site.I just wanted to note this for the Flash drive to be mailed.
    Thank you, great talent you have here, keep it up!
    Robert Donahue
    3708 Leigh Ave
    San Jose, CA 95124

    1. Post

      Thanks for contacting me about your zip code. I checked the order and we have your correct zip code of file. Hope you really enjoy the files!

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